Index Energy has constructed a state of the art co-generation facility in the Town of Ajax with the following objectives:

  • To provide competitively priced steam to the present institutional, commercial and industrial base in Ajax.
  • To provide electricity to the electricity grid, as Index Energy is honoured with a 20 year contract through the FIT-program.
  • To expand the present steam distribution system to provide heating for residential purposes. The steam is an excellent alternative resource for residential heating, heating domestic water and on-site electricity generation.
  • To relocate Industry to Ajax in order to exploit the increased low pressure steam load due to electrical generation.

Index Energy is proud to partner with Great Canadian Recycling (GCR) as a source of fuel to power the plant. GCR is a locally owned and operated business with over 25 years experience in waste management. GCR is affiliated with Simtor Environmental Ltd. which operates a waste transfer & recycling facility in Whitby. This operation processes incoming mixed waste streams for landfill disposal and separates recyclable materials for alternate end-users.

The combination of our experience and the strategic alliance of GCR & Simtor Environmental creates a network of contacts & multiple sources of fuel for the plant so as to ensure we keep running 24/7, 365 days a year to keep thousands of homes warm and lit, even in the harshest of Canadian winters.

The Process

Ajax co-generation facility uses renewable biomass as the fuel for our furnaces. An advanced system of ash filtration traps any harmful pollutants. This is then sold for use as fertilizer in growing new biomass fuels. 

Our Furnaces then heat water to create a high pressure steam environment. This trapped steam is then directed through two highly efficient turbines. The steam is then re-condensed into super-heated water which is sold to industry in the surrounding area. 

The final output of our steam turbines is in the form of electricity. 18 MW of power is ditrubuted to the surrounding city of Ajax.